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Can I connect my boat’s propane to my grill?

2011 October 3

Dear Boat Doctor,
I love to grill out at anchor, but I am tired of changing the gas bottles on my grill and would like to connect my outdoor barbecue grill to my boat's propane system. I have a Magma Newport grill and the propane system is factory installed from Beneteau. I'd appreciate any advice you can give me.
Jim Kent
Brooklin, Maine

Dear Jim,
Propane systems have two connection methods, high pressure right from the tank and low pressure via a gas regulator. Your grill is currently set up to use high-pressure gas right from a small gas bottle. There is really no difference in the performance but one system may be easier than the other to plumb into your gas locker.

In a high-pressure system, you tee into the gas system between the propane tank and the boat's regulator. The hose from the tee goes directly to the existing regulator on your grill.

With a low-pressure system, you tee into the gas system after the regulator.  You will need to replace your grill's valve with a low-pressure model-your grill would need a Magma (www.magmaproducts.com, 562-627-0500) model #A10-220 gas valve.

You can get a low- or high-pressure system hose and valve kit from Trident Marine (www.tridentmarine.com, (800) 414-BOAT).