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Expert tips for sailing school success

2023 June 1

“Find ways to maximize your sailing time between your courses or after courses,” Sipe said. “You’re supposed to fulfill a sailing hours requirement with each level, and it’s important to get experience on the water.”

Joining a sailing club or connecting with local sailors is a good way for students to expand their skills.

Once students put their education into practice and get that experience, the sailing only gets better. 

10 ways to get the most out of sailing school

1. Plan ahead. Schools can book out several months ahead so plan early to make sure you can book the experience you are looking for. 

2. Choose the right school. Talk to schools before booking and make sure they can help you meet your goals.

3. Consider the destination. Choose a school not just for the vacation potential but also for what is a good match for the sailing you want to do in the future.

4. Do the homework. The more you study ahead, the more fun sailing you can do during the course.

5. Don’t stress about the test. Instructors are there to help you learn everything you need to pass.

6. Communicate with your instructor. The more information your instructor has about you and your goals, the more they can help you achieve them.


7. Enjoy some downtime. Relaxing and experiencing the pleasure of life onboard is part of the experience.

8. Combine courses when possible to maximize learning and make a learn-to-sail vacation more cost effective.

9. Embrace every part of the experience. From 

provisioning, to swimming at anchor, soak it all in.

10. Remember that it’s supposed to be fun. Yes, you’re learning, but the experience is also about the joy of sailing.

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