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New Boat: Diam 24 One Design

2017 March 13


The Diam 24 One Design trimaran debuted in the U.S. market in Annapolis in October. Tucked away between larger, somewhat stoic sailboats, the Diam 24od seemed giddy, almost dancing as it tugged at the docklines. The layout is inviting and the boat seems to beckon passersby to step aboard.

Three hulls can mean three times the fun, or triple the work. In the case of the Diam 24od, it put all the emphasis on fun, because getting the boat out on the water is a quick maneuver. The idea is for the boat to go from strapped to the trailer to blasting along with sails up in less than an hour. With a sleeved carbon rig and straightforward toggles for attaching the floats to the hull and clean rigging, this should be a reasonable goal for two people with a little experience with the process. 

One-design racing on this platform is certain to be a lot of fun. The one-design rules combined with the sheer adrenaline that comes from racing a modern multihull sportboat should make this an attractive option for novice and experienced racers alike. The cockpit is large, which provides a feeling of security and size, while the speed and excitement come from the nimble responsiveness of the hulls. 

While monohulls are experimenting with foils and canting keels, the proven trimaran concept is reconfigured for today’s sailors. The Diam 24od is also quick to launch and easy to store, in part due to the transport and storage box that can be added to a trailer or truck. The pieces all disassemble for storage, while keeping moving parts to a minimum. 

The main hull and floats are produced by infusion, using glass sandwiched with carbon reinforcements, PVC foam and polyester resin. The beams and other appendages also incorporate carbon for strength and weight savings. The main and headsail are black aramid fiber and the gennaker is laminate. The standard package includes one-design sails, launching dolly, lines and other required gear. 

The square-top main is controlled by well-conceived efficient control lines. All systems appear to be intuitive and uncluttered. 

Included is a three-horsepower electric Torqeedo engine, perfect for pushing the boat in and out of the mooring, or up onto a beach for a break from the action. While marketed as a one-design racer, this boat is large enough and stable enough to make a comfortable daysailer for three or four people, looking to race to the beach or a picnic spot. 

The Diam 24od team also has an innovative sales and support strategy for this cutting-edge boat. Sales are made directly from the factory for streamlined service and pricing. There is a network of service agents located in key geographic areas. Owners can rely on this support team for everything from repairs and maintenance to coaching and even turnkey regatta management.

Whether racing around the buoys, or sprinting in distance races, the Diam 24 One Design will keep sailors challenged and exhilarated with speed and responsiveness.  

LOA 24’; Beam 18’6”; Draft 4’11”; Displ. 1,146 lbs.; Sail area 355 sq. ft.; Auxiliary electric Torqeedo 3-hp. 

Estimated sailaway price $50,000

ADH Inotec

Port La Forêt

29940 La Forêt Fouesnant, France

+33 (0) 298 60 62 17