Alden 44

2014 September 1

This classy bluewater racer-cruiser is worth waiting for

SAILING's Value Guide (5-sailboat rating system)

PRICE: The current used-boat market price for an Alden 44 ranges from $115,500 to just less than $200,000, but prices can go higher, depending on year of construction and overall condition. (3.5 sailboats)

DESIGN QUALITY: Nils Helleberg of Alden Yachts designed the Alden 44 as a bluewater passagemaker and fast-paced coastal cruiser. Helleberg’s design differed from those from the drawing board of the late naval architect John Gale Alden. The 44 is a cutter rig that allows the boat to sail more efficiently. Below the waterline, owners could choose between the full keel or centerboard models. (3.5 sailboats)

CONSTRUCTION QUALITY: The often-heard term “built to Alden standards” seems to say it all. The Alden 44 was built by Tillotson Pearson International in Warren, Rhode Island. Forty Alden 44s were produced between 1976 and 1991. (3.5 sailboats)

USER-FRIENDLINESS: The 44 needs at least 10 knots of wind to get moving swiftly, but once under way it handles almost any sea condition. The cutter rig is easy to deploy and the variety of sail configurations can be arranged so that the boat can be solo sailed. The cockpit is roomy and dry. (3.5 sailboats)

SAFETY:  This is a proven offshore racer and bluewater cruiser capable of handling just about any sea condition. The cockpit is deep yet comfortable, with plenty of coaming for protection from the elements. The deck layout ensures crew moving forward for sail changes and can do so with relative ease. Plentiful lead ballast keeps the hull upright. The Alden 44 is offshore compliant and rated for participation in the Newport-Bermuda Race. (3.5 sailboats)

TYPICAL CONDITION:  The 44 was a semicustom yacht and is usually found in tip-top shape, cared for by sailors who take pride in ownership. (3.5 sailboats)

REFITTING:  Modifications to the Alden 44 can be expensive because the boat wasn’t a production model. Bringing the boat back to Alden standards can be costly. (3 sailboats)

SUPPORT: Owner support, information and registry are available at Also Alden Yacht Brokerage and Design in Boston can provide information. (3.5 sailboats)

AVAILABILITY: Since only 40 were constructed, availability is limited but at least six were recently available in the U.S. market and others in Europe. (3 sailboats)

INVESTMENT AND RESALE:  The Alden 44 depreciates little due to the high-quality construction and demand for this classy yacht. Alden 44s that have been upgraded with new engine and rigging tend to hold a higher value. (4 sailboats)

Overall 'SVG' Rating: 3.5 sailboats

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