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SAILING celebrates 45th anniversary, announces new size

2011 January 10

SAILING, America's oldest and largest-page-size sailing magazine, is rolling out a new look for 2011, its 45th anniversary year.

     Starting with the March issue, SAILING's pages will measure 9 by 11-7/8 inches, more compact and easier to read, but still the biggest pages of any American sailing magazine, similar to some of the respected oversize yachting magazines in the UK and Europe.

     SAILING was born in 1966 with huge tabloid pages designed to showcase the exceptional sailing photography that became the magazine's trademark. Over the years page dimensions were trimmed down incrementally in the interest of making the magazine more reader friendly. The new, more streamlined pages are intended to make SAILING easier to read and to save, as so many of our readers who have collections of back issues do, and the handier size will facilitate improved display on newsstands. An imminent increase in postage rates also suggested the time is right for a change.

     SAILING's emphasis on dramatic display of sailing photography will continue with the new page size and the magazine's motto-the beauty of sail-will be as relevant as ever. The new size will also lend itself to the magazine's redesign, which will culminate in SAILING's special 45th anniversary issue to be published in September.