June 2011

2011 June 3


The Voyage of the Lista Light
A 75-year-old boat takes a couple on an eco-sailing adventure to study the life of sea birds

Trash Collector
The Boston-based Rozalia Project is ridding the ocean of trash

All Together Now
The racing may be close, but the sailing camaraderie is even closer at Puerto Rico's annual Heineken International Regatta

The R-boat Revival
Cup nationalism tradition comes alive again as the classic R-boats are restored and raced in the Pacific Northwest

The Pros of Being Amateur
With the light-hearted moniker of "Peaches," amateur racing sailor Bob Little is racking up some serious pro sailing time

Becoming a BVI Belonger
How to live the sailing dream in the Caribbean

Boats & Gear

Used Boat Notebook

Boat Doctor
Shore lines and leaky hulls

Perry on Design
Feeling 48, Tartan 4000, Isobel

Jury-rigging steering

Green gear and electric motors


For Openers

Full and By
Is the fun tax too high a price to pay for offwind sailing thrills?


On the Wind
Want to bond with your children? Go build a boat

Bashing 'round St. Barth

Nautical Library
Unfurled and unfettered

New boat: Beneteau First 30

The Wharf
Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products and services