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What are the best electrical connectors?

2013 February 1

Dear Boat Doctor,
I am tired of splicing the connections at the base of my mast every spring and would like to add some connectors. The area is fairly well protected but I want to use a good quality connector. What should I look for?

Joe Phillips
Morehead City, North Carolina

Dear Joe,
I really like Deutsch connectors, which are used on lots of cars, motorcycles and construction equipment. You can find pretty much any configuration that you need, from small multi-conductor signal connectors to very large high-power connectors. The connectors are waterproof and make very positive connections.

You can find the connectors at lots of online stores, and I have found a nice selection at WireCare (www.wirecare.com).

The connectors work great but I will caution you that the Deutsch crimpers are expensive at about $250. You don't have a lot of options for the large connectors, but you can find cheaper alternatives for the smaller ones.