June 2009

2009 June 1

Saving Grace
After an extensive restoration, this classic Herreshoff 12½ is daysailing and racing again

5 Favorite Gunkholes
David and Liz Shaw share their five favorite East Coast anchorages

Small Boat, Little Island, Big Fun
Two couples jump in a small catboat to explore the fantastic dive sites around little Klein Bonairein the Eastern Caribbean

It's Not your Grandfather's
Hollowed-Out Log Yole racing in the Caribbean is like no other kind of sailing

A Perfect Match
Match racing is taking sailing by storm, and Betsy Crowfoot hops onboard to check it out

Boats & Gear
Fun inflatables

Ding repairs

Perry on Design
Bug, Weta, DayDream, CLC PocketShip

Boat Doctor
Upgrading cockpit electronics

Boat Test
Beneteau 46

For Openers

Full &?By
Can a sailboat outrun angst? It's a good time to find out


On the Wind
Can you put a price on the life of a sailor in distress?

A little merry maid

Nautical Library
An anthology of classic sea stories and young Oliver sails to 1938

New Boat: J/95

The Wharf
Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products and services