July 2010

2010 July 1


It's All About the Sailing
Antigua Sailing Week is where sailors, pro and amateur, mix and mingle, and form new friendships

Where Heritage and How-to Meet
A unique sailing school held on a campus that includes a museum and boathouse teaches kids and adults all about sailing

In Pursuit of Happiness

Yearning to feel-at least for a few days-like a rock-star sailor, one woman heads to J World and gets a feel for adrenaline-fueled learning

Un-Conventional Sail Training
For more than 20 years the Annual Women's Sailing Convention has been building sailing confidence in women, and the idea is growing

Boats & Gear

Perry on Design
Sundowner, Arey's Pond 20, Great Lakes 40

Boat Doctor
Solving problems at the masthead

Used Boat Notebook

Sailing knives

Understanding apparent wind and tips for protecting boats from oil damage


For Openers

Full &?By
The ghost fleet sails on, helping to keep sailing alive


On the Wind
Boom Boom cards for sailing are just plain good manners

A thousand days at sea and counting

Nautical Library
Stranded in the South Pacific and wrecked in the North Atlantic

New Boat: M52

The Wharf
Brokerage, charters and other sailing-related products and services