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New Boat: Farr Bavaria One

2013 June 17

What do you get when you cross one of the world's leading cruising boatbuilders with one of the world's leading sport boat designers? The Farr Bavaria One. It's known as the B/One, and is billed as a weekend cruiser's 23-foot sport boat. That doesn't mean it's slow, or wild in a breeze, rather, the B/One is a performance boat with conveniences not found on some of the similar-sized boats raced by professional sailors.

The B/One has aluminum blades, which cannot be faired, and class rules state the hull cannot be faired. The swept spreaders preclude the need for a backstay and the bowsprit pole line is also the tack line. The pole sits in a slot in the deck, keeping the cabin dry. There are no winches.

Those features make the B/One seem more like the Bavaria side of the sailing family tree than the Farr side. But look up at the square-topped main, the 16:1 boom vang, the chined topsides aft or the pipe berths belowdecks and there is no doubt the design team at Farr used its experiences with the Farr 400 and other racing boats in the B/One's go-fast genetics. The boat's PHRF rating is 120.

Hiking is required in a breeze, but the rounded deck edge is easy on the legs, and crew weight is optimized with the 8-foot beam, the maximum allowed for trailering. The lifelines are padded, and the cockpit sole has two triangular ridges for footing.

The mast is deck-stepped, and the retractable T-bulb keel is lowered by gravity as it comes off the low-profile trailer and is raised by setting it back on the trailer, so launching and trailering is easy. The rudder is set in a cassette and raised with a strap for safe approaches in shallow water.

The hull is E-glass using a hand-laminated construction, and the deck is cored with PVC foam. There is seated headroom on either side of the keel trunk, which is part of a structural liner and extends to the deck. Light belowdecks comes from the acrylic keel trunk cover and acrylic companionway hatch.

The area below the hatch has room for a cooler, and a portable toilet fits forward of the mast. That may sound spartan, but pipe berths, seated headroom and exposed toilets are features of performance boats twice the size of the B/One, and not much less comfortable than classic pocket-cruisers in the 20-foot range.

The B/One may be the perfect boat for a sailor with a history in racing and a need for speed, but with a young family ready for cruising. It's easy to see a couple of kids on a sunny day dangling their feet over the side in the spray as the parents drive the boat on a power reach under the asymmetrical, making for a beach in record time.