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2014 September 16
 The new coupling connects Elco electric motors to Yanmar saildrives. The coupling makes electric propulsion a more viable option for retrofitting sailboats equipped with saildrives, with Elco mo
2014 September 16
 ReliefBands is a lightweight wearable drug-free antinausea device approved by the FDA.  In some people, they mitigate general nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness. It is worn like a
2014 September 16
 The Tequila Sunrise Collection of recycled sailcloth bags include a wine bag, duffle bag, beach tote, sling bag and roll-top bag. The sturdy sailcloth is water resistant, and the bags are each o
2014 September 16
 The Hyde Wingman PFD is a lifejacket for people who won’t wear lifejackets, but should. It was designed as a self-rescue device for triathletes during the swim leg of a race, so it fits t
2014 September 16
 This clothesline is made from two twisted bungee cords that grip wet gear between them, eliminating the need for clothespins. Each end has a hook, and one hook is cleated to adjust the length of
2014 September 16
Here’s a case of simpler is better. This bifold wallet is sturdy, clear plastic with freezer-type seals, which is perfect for holding an ID, a fishing license and a few bucks on the water. Coghlan��
2014 September 16
 The Aqua S is a waterproof iPhone case that is also a battery that about doubles the phone usage time. The case completely covers the phone and protects it to 3 meters deep, as well as from dust
2014 September 16
Kaenon’s new X-Kore polarized sunglasses come in black or white curved frames and in a wide choice of lens tints, some for sharpening contrast in overcast conditions and other others for knocking do
2014 September 9
 Stand-up paddleboards are common gear aboard cruising sailboats, but SUPs don’t have a place to stow a credit card and sunscreen. Camelbak’s Tahoe LR is a 1.5-liter reservoir with center baf
2014 September 2

The commodore of the highest yacht club in North America found a love of sailing at altitude

Sailors are an irrepressible lot. They won’t let a pesky little thing like being landlocked prevent them from getting out on the water. There’s always a way, and it just might prove to be a world-
2014 September 1

A new crop of exciting sailboats—from performance-oriented dinghies to drop-dead gorgeous flagships—is coming to a boat show near you

SAILING Magazine brings you a sneak peek of all the new boats you can catch at boat shows. From fast and exciting to spritely passagemakers to dreamboats, there's a new boat for every taste. Fli
2014 September 1

The world championship at Newport, Rhode Island, drew both pros and amateurs who love sailing this classic one-design

Patricia Stadel sailed her fifth and self-proclaimed last Etchells World Championship in June where she had the distinction of being the most senior skipper competing in the 95-boat fleet. At 75, Stadel has by default become a goodwill ambassador for the International Etchells Class. She had plenty of wisdom to impart when asked why she and so many other competitive sailors, including legends like John Bertrand, 68, who won the America’s Cup for Australia in 1983, gravitate to this particular sloop.
2014 September 1

A solar charging system not only saves money long-term but might allow you to go completely engine-free

Going offshore is all about unplugging, so it’s somewhat ironic that sailin
2014 July 15
 Features 31    Remembering Hobie Using ingenuity fostered creating iconic surfboards, Alter changed the face of sailing with afford
2014 July 1

Sailing a cat can require forgetting some things and learning a few new tips

Whether it's taking the helm for a charter or you're planning to switch to a multihull, there are a few habits that monohull sailors need to change to sail a catamaranBob Grieser/Outsideimages.com

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